Cadenas are the chains used on vehicle wheels to be able to travel even with snow on the track. There are conventional straps, screen straps and liquid straps. To know more, check out: best tire chains for snow

The law requires the use of cadenas, or other authorized anti-slip device, to avoid skidding on snowy or icy tracks. It must be installed on at least one traction wheel on each side of the vehicle or use special tires (contact or with nails / nails).

Stud / stud tires are an alternative to winter tires, but their use is limited by legislation. Since it is very aggressive, especially with asphalt, its use is only allowed on completely frozen tracks. Not all countries allow their use, and those that allow, often limit their use only at certain times of the year. In Europe they are allowed in Alpine countries like Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and Scandinavians (Norway and Sweden). The used studs must necessarily be rounded and not more than two millimeters from the tire surface.

Conventional and screen racks should be used when there is snow on the track and should be installed on the vehicle's drive wheels. In the case of vehicles with 4 × 4 traction, it must be installed on the front wheels. See below photos of the models of conventional cadenas:

The use of screen tapes is more common in Europe. This type is easier to install, however it is also more expensive. They adjust to the tires using an elastic band, thus simplifying their placement. The fabrics they are made from do not slip on snow and ice. Their creators claim that they are as effective as conventional ones. In addition, they are lightweight, can be washed and stored anywhere.

When there is snow on the asphalt or río track, the car jams and skids easily. On hills, even the steep ones, the vehicle skates and often cannot climb.

From our experience, we have found that the struts make a good difference in the grip of the car on the track, bringing more safety when driving in the snow. Using the chains, we never skid. During one of our crossing of the mountain ranges (paso Cardenal Samoré - Travel in June / 2009) we passed 4 trucks that skid in the snow and left the road, everyone was not using cadenas.

If you plan to travel in the winter it is important that you have the dogs. When the snow thickness on the trail is greater than 2 cm, its use is mandatory (required by the police). If you leave to buy at the time you really need, you may end up paying much more than they are actually worth.

Or worse, not being able to buy and having to wait for the snow to clear. In Uspallata in Paso Los Libertadores (link between Mendoza and Santiago), the used cadenas were costing R $ 140.00; while in Junin de Los Andes, we bought new ones for R $ 75.00 (June / 2009). It is also possible to buy them in Chile and Argentina at some gas stations, large supermarket chains and stores specializing in car accessories.

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